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“I visited the planetarium exhibit when I was in elementary and it really excited my curiosity about space.  I believe that activities like this one can be interesting to any one at any age and is a humbling experience when you realize how vast the universe is.  There is so much left to explore and exhibits like this one can inspire future generations to be the next astro-enthusiasts.”- Sophia C.     (This was when I was running the planetarium in Jamestown, NY)

“I took my daughter to the planetarium exhibit when it was housed at the Lucille Wright Air Museum because I saw how curious my daughter was about space and our solar system.  She enjoyed the experience very much and to my surprise, I enjoyed it too.  We have always looked for ways to nurture our children’s interests and the planetarium experience did just that.  My daughter is still interested in science fields and looks to the night sky with great interest.  I would recommend the programs to anyone who wants an accessible means to have a greater understanding of our solar system.”- Laura S.     (This was when I was running the planetarium in Jamestown, NY)

"This past year, Chris came in to perform and present his fun and thrilling activities with our residents. Some of these activities included the following: Jump Height on the Moon, Balloons Away, Fizz Rocket, What is Life Discussion, and Balloon Straw Rocket. Each activity was enjoyed thoroughly by our residents and was presented with much passion and excitement. Our residents enjoyed his presentations and have asked that he comes back to do more!"

"I feel confident in recommending Chris to represent his business throughout our local community."

"If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact me."

Marissa Cussins

STEL Residential Manager

– Park Avenue

“Being able to have Christopher "C the Rocket Man" Centi talk with my students was a great experience. The students were able to ask questions and learn about space from a professional which was the highlight of the unit.”

Patrick Goff, 8th Grade Science Teacher

Beumont Middle School

“Having the opportunity to listen and learn from Chris Centi was an absolutely amazing experience for my students! Chris was engaging, informative, and had our class in awe about the wonders of space! I hope to participate in a program again in the future with Chris 'The Rocket Man'!”

Courtney King

6th Grade Teacher

Thompson Middle School

"Chris shared his extensive knowledge with my Grade 1 students with patience, kindness, and much enthusiasm."

Natasha Regehr

Grade 1 Teacher

Roch Carrier French Immersion Public School

Woodstock, Ontario

“Mr. Centi did an incredible job answering questions written by my 3rd grade students. His answers were knowledgeable and taught us all something new!” 

Timothy J. Stumpff

3rd Grade Teacher

Stoney Creek Elementary, A CMS School

Charlotte, NC 28262

“The astronomy club enjoyed hearing from you yesterday. They loved hearing about exoplanets and astrobiology. Our enrichment period is at the end of the day, and sometimes students can be bouncing off the walls. Your insightful, thought provoking information on the search for life had them listening attentively. Thank you for spending your time opening them up to these existential questions and sharing your insights!”

Heather Guiendon

Walton High School

Grade 12

Astronomy Club Enrichment

“Chris Centi is an amazing educator and presenter! He interacted with 32, five-year-old students, online. He was spectacular! The students were mesmerized, as Chris was engaging, created curiosity, responded to their questions, and filled them with excitement. It was such a memorable experience for all the students and even for me.”

Sandy Boylan

Wood Canyon School

Aliso Viejo, CA

"Chris was such a help to my middle school students! He was able to answer all of their questions in great detail and with clear enthusiasm."

Marcy Hartzler, Middle School Teacher

ZQuest Public Schools

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to chat this morning! The class has not stopped raving about the experience. They were so appreciative of your detailed answers to their questions and your willingness to accept even more questions at the end.” 

Courtney Lutey, 3rd Grade Teacher

Lakeside Elementary School

"My 5th/6th grade gifted students were impressed with Mr. Centi's vast knowledge of exoplanets! He was able to explain many aspects of astrobiology and broaden my students' understanding of the field. They appreciated Mr. Centi's enthusiasm and willingness to answer their many questions. Many thanks,Mr. Centi, for sharing your expertise! It was very inspiring!"

Kimberly Wagner,  5th / 6th Grades Highly Gifted Lead Teacher

The Knox School of Santa Barbera 

“ Our fourth grade students enjoyed meeting Mr. Centi! He was warm and enthusiastic about astronomy. His answers to their questions were clear and detailed. While his understanding eclipsed that of ours, pun intended, the children felt inspired in their study of space. It is our hope that there may be future scientists like Mr. Centi in our school!”

Mrs. Christine Miller, M.Ed.

Fourth Grade Teacher

Matoaca Elementary School

"On behalf of the entire fifth grade class here at Cottle school, I have to thank you for your truly informative and thoughtful answers, along with all of your time you took to spend with our fifth grade students. You were such an inspiration to so many students! Afterwards, many of them were talking about how cool it would be to do a job like yours, and they couldn't believe how much you knew about space. You were so prompt with all of the Google meet times, and communicated with me to let me know what you needed ahead of time to make sure we had a successful Q&A session with you. I am so happy that I found this program, and would love to connect with you again this school year, along with next, especially when we do the space system unit again. This was such a great experience for us all, and I truly appreciate your professionalism, knowledge, and kindness that you shared with our fifth grade community. We are looking forward to it again :)" 

"Thank you for your hard work and time you spent with my four science classes! You truly helped them learn so much more about space, and made it exciting for them. Thank you!!"

Christine Guiffra

5th Grade Science

William E. Cottle Elementary School 


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