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Explore the wonders of the universe with Centi Astro-Space Activities. Join us for an unforgettable journey of the universe and beyond.

Astronomy & Space Science Online Courses

    Centi Astro-Space Activities

Exploring Astronomy and Space Science is Contagious!
Begin the Journey Now! 

My dream is the peaceful collaboration and cooperation of the countries of Earth to establish space exploration in a unified way to travel beyond Earth and establish settlements on the Moon and Mars as we become a two planet species.  Along with this I hope the collaboration and cooperation will continue as we explore further into our solar system and beyond.

"There is No Limit to what Humans Can Do! 
We Will Go to the Moon, Mars and Beyond
In Our Quest to Reach for the Stars."

For those seeking an in-depth astronomy and space science education, look no further than our program. Our experienced instructor provides interactive lessons and hands-on activities, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education in this fascinating field. Let us take your knowledge of the cosmos to new heights!

Welcome to our website dedicated to exploring:
     - Astronomy 
          - Space Science
                - Fun Hands-On Science
                   Experiments and Activities

Our content is designed to meet science and other standards using down-to-earth terms that are accessible to: 
     - the general public
            - organizations
                   - school groups
                       - libraries and more
Join us on a journey through the cosmos and discover the wonders of the universe!

Most programming is done virtually, but visiting your location is an option.
To discuss this further call us or send a message using the handy CONTACT form.

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The mission of Centi Astro-Space Activities (CASA)

"Instill, Motivate and Empower Individuals

of all ages with an

appreciation, awareness and understanding.

of science using Astronomy, Space Exploration and Art."  

STEAM Space Programs

Science  Technology   Engineering   Art   Mathematics   Space



Welcome to Centi Astro-Space Activities! Our mission is to provide students with exciting and enriching experiences that inspire a love of space science. Our programs are designed to be interactive and engaging, with a focus on hands-on learning and problem solving. We believe that space exploration is one of the most exciting things humans can do, and we want to share that excitement with you. Join us for an unforgettable adventure into the cosmos!

CASA had its beginnings in 1985.  It was developed to help improve science literacy.  Using Astronomy and Space Science was and still is a way to create an appreciation, understanding and awareness of other branches of science.  CASA also strives to provide and avenue for the underrepresented population especially girls/women and minorities.  Furthermore, the use of Astronomy and Space Science is important because they and Science across the spectrum impact everyday life on our planet.

CASA Provides Participants the Ability to:

  • Learn Astronomy and Space Science without the high level of math and physics. 

  • Learn about the day/night sky and gain an appreciation.

  • Gain an understanding of the basics which encourages going further in math and physics.

  • Learn to appreciate the importance and application of Space Explorationin everyday life on Earth.


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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Logo’s are the property of Christopher Centi of Centi Astro-Space Activities and are copywritten.  At some point they will be trademarked.  They cannot be used or modified for the benefit of others

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