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    Centi Astro-Space Activities



"There is No Limit to what Humans Can Do! 

We Will Go to the Moon, Mars and Beyond

In Our Quest to Reach for the Stars."


Centi Astro-Space Activities offers hands-on programs for children and adults exploring the exciting topics of Astronomy and Space Exploration.  These programs are available in the form of online courses, webinars and workshops.  Some of the courses are currently available with several under development.  A complete list can be found on the COURSES page.  Programming is also described in the "EDUCATIONAL and FUN" page.  To find out more about our courses, webinars and workshops click on the following links.

To  access our brochure and Stars and Space flyer explaining our services click on  the following links.

“Having the opportunity to listen and learn from Chris Centi was an absolutely amazing experience for my students! Chris was engaging, informative, and had our class in awe about the wonders of space! I hope to participate in a program again in the future with Chris 'The Rocket Man'!”

Courtney King

6th Grade Teacher

Thompson Middle School

Most programming is done virtually, but visiting your location is an option.
To discuss this further call us or send a message using the handy CONTACT form

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The mission of Centi Astro-Space Activities (CASA)

"Motivate youth and adults while,

instilling science appreciation,

understanding and awareness   

using Astronomy, Space  

Exploration and Art."  

STEAM Space Programs

Science  Technology   Engineering   Art   Mathematics   Space


CASA had its beginnings in 1985.  It was developed to help improve science literacy.  Using Astronomy and Space Science was a way to create an appreciation, understanding and awareness of other branches of science.  This is still the guiding force for CASA today.  Furthermore, the use of Astronomy and Space Science is important because they and Science across the spectrum impact everyday life on our planet.  

The approach CASA uses is through presentations using hands-on activities to simulate and teach abstract concepts.  Along with activities, computer simulations are incorporated to enhance ones journey through the solar system and beyond.   The visual, hands-on/minds-on approach helps participants grasp, understand and appreciate the different aspects of these subjects.

Christopher (Chris) Centi, also known as "C the Rocket Man" is owner and CEO of Centi Astro-Space Activities.  He advocates for hands-on science, is an author of various articles and has appeared on radio and TV.  Chris was instrumental in developing and building the planetarium for the Lucile M. Wright Air Museum in Jamestown, NY and served as the Planetarium Director and Space Science Coordinator from November 2012 to December 2016.  His involvement with many Astronomy and Space Science organizations has led him to several research interests including: studying exoplanets and the search for life elsewhere, Mars exploration, categorizing and researching various projects for Zooniverse, psychological implications of long term space travel and developing useful hands-on activities to teach science.

“I visited the planetarium exhibit when I was in elementary and it really excited my curiosity about space.  I believe that activities like this one can be interesting to any one at any age and is a humbling experience when you realize how vast the universe is.  There is so much left to explore and exhibits like this one can inspire future generations to be the next astro-enthusiasts.”- Sophia C.

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